Monday, August 12, 2013

Mamascopes. Just for fun!

Life is heavy.We need a little silliness and stuff "just cause" its entertaining.
Today my just cause entertainment is Mamascopes. Astrology for moms (and kids). I'm an Aquarius so lets dissect a little of what this horoscope says about me as a mother.

"’ll learn the rules just so you can break them." This is partially true. I co-slept and Vi slept on her tummy which was a HUGE no-no to many people, especially forum posters and Drs (even mine). I'm just gonna do what I want to do and that's that. 

"...dare to say the things about motherhood that others may not. You’ll blurt that out, both shocking and relieving other moms who secretly felt the same way. Whatever miles you’ve walked (albeit with swollen, pregnant feet), you share your experience to help others." Isn't this why I blog?

" are your kids’ confidante — more of a sister than a mom" I am CURRENTLY my kids confidante, at least. I call her my best friend, my best buddy. We are at the moment but that line will have to be drawn when discipline becomes a thing.

"That eternally youthful spark ensures that you never parent with a heavy hand. Your own teenage rebellion is always a not-too-distant memory, and your kids can tell you anything." Yup. 

"You remember how much fun it is to be a free spirit, and you want your kids to enjoy some of that, too. Fun is a top priority for you, and you teach your children about life with your trademark wacky humor." Double Yup.

"At the very least, you’ll teach them the joys of independence, something you model through your own behavior and adventurous spirit." I hope so.  

"Although you wouldn’t trade your kids for the world, you may also quietly mourn your lost youth." I have my moments, for sure. I think everyone does. 

"Aquarius is the sign of detachment, and too much closeness weirds you out at times. You may be quick to transition from breast to bottle, or drop the kids off with a sitter even as they cry and cling to your leg. Although the level of children’s dependency can be overwhelming, you’ll need to adapt. Fostering independence is great, but sometimes your kids just need that ultra-close bond, to be held instead of given tough love. Letting them “cry it out” isn’t always the answer." This is completely opposite of how I feel. I think I am more attached than she is and that baby may be allowed to "whine-it-out" but never "cry-it-out." 

"Make every effort to build in free time where you can take off the “mommy” hat and let loose." This is just good advice for anyone because "...It’s not only good for you, but your children will benefit when you return in light, happy spirits."

Check out your Mamascope and your kids astrological signs where I found mine.

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