Sunday, June 30, 2013

I'm Not Like Other Girls

Well, I'm not.
How about we rephrase that.

I'm not like other women. That's better.

Lets address the rephrasing.
I am like other women (because I am 27 and have a baby and a house and I'm married, I don't like to think in terms of boys and girls anymore).

This statement brings out the worst in women (and men for that matter). It implies there is something wrong with our gender. That you need to set yourself apart from other women, especially to men, to be a valid partner or friend.
If you ARE like other women it means you are catty, shallow, untrustworthy and uncool (or too cool, depending on the party you wish to impress).
The reason this is wrong is the same reason it is unfair to clump together ALL Religious Groups or Countrymen (all Americans are ignorant unintelligent arses, for example). It's untrue and creates tension and possibly violence.
I am like other women. I have similar experiences, emotions, background and outlook. There is nothing wrong with being a girl/woman. The woman hating women, who don't, "understand," other women and prefer the company of men are missing out.
What is more, I LIKE women. They are gosh darn fantastic. Funny, poignant, intelligent and easy to be around. We share our thoughts, feelings, hopes, fears, amusing anecdotes and stories. There is a bit of gossip thrown in, I won't beat around the bush, we gossip, its a social evolutionary thing...or something. I especially like the women I have accumulated in my life. They are around because I admire and cherish their presence.

Similarly as tragic are men who hate women or the lesser tragic men who refuse any attempt to understand women.
This statement is also applied to boys (I'm not like other boys/men) to imply that they are, "nice guys," who don't want to be, "friend zoned." It is equally unfair and there is nothing wrong with being like other men.

The point is, we need to be specific and particular about the traits we do or do not want in our acquaintances, friends, lovers, companions and spouses.
Lets not clump and immediately dislike a whole gender.

 Some ladies you keep in your life for pretty much ever. 
You hope they stick around.

Other float in and out. Thats ok too. 

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  1. Wow Tiara! What a wonderful and powerful composition.

    Thank you for sharing!